Campus Greenspace Map

Your outdoor campus awaits

Looking for the best outdoor spaces on campus for studying, relaxing, socializing, and more?

Released in Fall 2020, the W&M Campus Greenspace Map and App was designed by the PRL team, in collaboration with the W&M Center for Geospatial Analysis. The site highlight all the greenspace, trails, patios, and other outdoor spaces on the William & Mary campus and organizes them by activity so you can find the perfect outdoor space for your needs and preferences, in minutes. Check out the desktop version and access via the official William & Mary app.

The Campus Greenspace Map was supported by a grant from the Commonwealth Center for Energy and the Environment as part of the project: Campus "Third Spaces,: The intersection of the physical and the virtual for health and well-being at William & Mary. Co-PI's include Dr. Dorothy Ibes (Director, Parks Research Lab; Environmental Science & Policy, Center for Geospatial Analysis), Dr. Dan Cristol (Biology), and Dr. Sharon Zuber (English and Writing Resources Center). Other contributors include Parks Research Lab Student Research Assistants: Luke Hart-Moynihan '15, Katie Johanson '16, Olivia Staub '20, and Amelia Lowe '21; and Dr. Tyler Davis and Jordan Moghanaki from the Center for Geospatial Analysis.

For the past seven years, Dorothy Ibes has been using William & Mary’s outdoor space as a laboratory to understand the relationship between human health and human access to nature.

“When I started at William & Mary in 2013, I never could have predicted that my research would become super relevant because of a pandemic,” said Ibes, senior lecturer in W&M’s Environmental Science and Policy Program and its Center for Geospatial Analysis (CGA).