About PRL

What and who is PRL, and what does PRL do?

Watch this presentation by PRL director Dr. Dorothy Ibes, to learn more.


The Parks Research Lab (PRL) at William & Mary aims to increase understanding of the importance of nature engagement to health and wellbeing through ecotherapy and greenspace research and programming.

PRL programs seek to support and inspire people to spend more time connecting to and engaging with the natural world, both inside and outdoors. By nurturing nature-connected communities, PRL seeks to cultivate mental health and an appreciation for nature that inspires environmental stewardship, on the William & Mary campus, and beyond.

PRL research and projects are supported by the hard work of the PRL team and have been partially funded by the William & Mary Environmental Science & Policy program, the Committee on Sustainability and Green Fees program, Center for Geospatial Analysis, and The Charles Center.
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