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The role of remote nature and forest therapy sessions in mental health and place-attachment among Latino/as

Ibes, Wolf, & Conway (forthcoming)

Extensive research indicates that nature experiences improve mental health and wellness. International research reveals that nature and forest therapy (NFT) sessions can be particularly beneficial. Multiple organizations now train and certify forest therapy guides. Originally offered as in-person experiences, adaptations during COVID public health mandates showed the potential for powerful experiences using remote technologies for therapy session delivery. This study will evaluate the role of remote NFT sessions in mental health and place-attachment among Latino/a participants.

This work is a collaboration between Dorothy Ibes (William & Mary), Kathleen Wolf (U of Washington), and Tamberly Conway (Conservation Conexions).

Nature-rich study spaces: The restoration and productivity potential among college students

Ibes & Forestell (forthcoming)

Published Research

Ibes, Rakow, & Kim

Journal of Children, Youth, and Environments

Best practices for engaging youth of color in parks, greenspace, and nature sites

Rakow, Ibes, & Kim

Forthcoming book chapter in "Power of Parks"

Ibes & Forestell

Journal of American College Health

Ibes, Schuyler, & Hirama

Journal of Ecopsychology

Ibes, Shawler, Hart-Moynihan, Schwartz. & Barbera

Journal of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism in Public Health

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