The PRL Team

Meet the faces of PRL

PRL Director

Dr. Ibes founded the Parks Lab in 2009, and has been running the lab at William & Mary since 2013. A urban human-environment geographer, Ibes's work focuses on fostering the reciprocal human-nature relationship, with a focus on mental health promotion on college campuses. Her use-inspired, interdisciplinary research integrates theory and practice from ecotherapy, ecopsychology, public health, human-environment geography, and urban park planning and design. Ibes is faculty in Interdisciplinary Studies, teaching for William & Mary's Environmental Science and Policy program and Center for Geospatial Analysis. For more, click here.

Olivia Staub '20

Assistant Director

​Olivia is a Marketing and Environmental Science & Policy student at the College, where she works to promote growth of water infrastructure and decrease the presence of disposable plastic bottles on campus with Take Back the Tap. As a passionate environmental advocate, she hopes that getting students outdoors will emphasize the crucial need for its protection.

Shannon Redifer '20

Research Assistant

Shannon is a senior studying Psychology and Environmental Science. She has particular interest in public engagement with environmental issues, including different forms of interactive/visual media. Her favorite class at W&M has been “Art & Ecology”, giving her insight on how various forms of expression can mold societal perspectives on the environment.

Sarah Snipes '21

Research Assistant

Sarah is a Geology and Environmental Science major who has a passion for the environment. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her response was, “A pine cone picker”. Now, she is an EcoRepresentative Club Captain who also aspires to motivate others to explore a positive relationship with the outdoors. She can’t wait to showcase the importance of green-spaces with Park Rx.​

Amelia Lowe '21

Research Assistant

Amelia is a History and Environmental Policy student at the college. Besides pursuing her passion in promoting environmental wellbeing, she sings in the William & Mary Choir and is president of the Colleges Against Cancer club. She loves being outdoors and hopes to share this love with fellow students through the encouragement of spending time in nature. ​

Colleen Norton '21

Research Assistant

Colleen Norton is a Geology and Environmental Science and Policy student at the college. She is also a member of the William and Mary Women’s soccer team. She hopes that she can extend the Park RX program and knowledge of green spaces to more students including the student athletes on campus. She is passionate about the use of green spaces everywhere for mental health and well-being.


PRL Nature Ambassador

Walnut is PRL's new Nature Ambassador who you can meet at occasional tabling events in Spring 2020. She is a shy, two-year-old hedgehog with a passion for the outdoors. She eats a high protein diet consisting of dry food, insects, fruits, and vegetables. Walnut is nocturnal, and loves running up to three miles every night on her exercise wheel. Her favorite greenspace on campus is the Matoaka Amphitheater where she can forage for insects, hide in the forest brush, or sit and appreciate the peaceful lake.

Former PRL Student Researchers & Interns

Suhas Suddala '22, Psychology & Organizational Leadership and Management - Suhas is currently serving as Class President for Student Assembly and is on the pre-medical track at William and Mary.

Emmi Burke '21, Economics & Environmental Policy

Hali Pregnall '20, Biology & Marine Science

Zach Meredith '19, American Studies & Urban Studies - Zach is currently serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA at the Community Empowerment Fund in Chapel Hill, NC.

Carolyn (Carrie) Martin '19

Annabel McSpadden '18, Psychology & English

Tommy Schaefer '19

Darrien Spitz '19, Economics and Environmental Science & Policy

Emily Gardner '18

Madelyn Phillips '18

Alexis Jenkins '18

Abigail Bradford '18

Kathleen Wirshup '18, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Hannah Cannon ‘18, Public Policy & Environmental Policy

Amanda Gormsen '18, Environmental Policy and Finance - Amanda is currently working in federal technology consulting in DC

Hannah Kwawu ‘18, Psychology & Marketing

Tyler Treakle ‘18, Biology

Abby Holcombe ‘17, Government & Environmental Policy

Katie McElheny ‘17, Kinesiology & Health Sciences

Catie Liebeck '16, Public Policy & Environmental Policy

Justin Shawler '16, Geology & Government

Robert Boyd '16, Film & Media Studies

Olivia Jebb '16, Neuroscience

Alex Schwartz '16, Economics & Public Policy - Alex is currently an Associate Planner for the Village of Hanover Park working in Community Development, Economic Development, and Urban Planning.

Katie Johanson '15, Sociology & Environmental Policy

Lauren Barbera '15, Global Health & Kinesiology. - Lauren is currently a medical student at University of Colorado.

Luke Hart-Moynihan '15, Neuroscience

Sara Clark '14, Government & Environmental Policy